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MySONIC Connect is a culmination of sorts. It was the result and by-product of a shift in mentality when it came to API infrastructure and user experience. SONIC's API infrastructure was monolithic and as a result, very difficult to use and had a tendency to go-offline without warning. This created several issues for users and stores. At any given point, the API could go down which resulted in a missed sale or incorrect card balance. Over the last 2 years, we've changed how all of this works. We split the API into several microservices. This has resulted in improved stability and speed. Additionally, if one API goes down, the rest would stay up, which has improved the user experience immensely. With this shift to microservices we opened the a great world of possibilities, one of which was a Single Sign-On service -- now know as MySONIC Connect.

Our first opportunity to test the new infrastructure came disguised in the form of a multi-platform Transformers promo!

Case Study: Transformers Promo - Walter Colindres

SONIC had never done a promo for a movie, much less one the size of the Transformers franchise, so we were all very excited to try something new to SONIC: create a SSO product that we could use on owned/3rd party properties. We were able to deliver an MVP version of project within a 6-week timeline. The project was successful at bringing users in and showing that the new infrastructure worked under the weight of public traffic. The promo used the SONIC CMS for creating landing pages that users would be sent to for more details about the limited time Slushes.

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Case Study: Transformers Email - Walter Colindres Case Study: Transformers Screenshot - Walter Colindres